First Day of School Video

Senn TV’s Broadcast Journalism students and I made a video about the first day. Please watch it and reflect on how it did/didn’t relate to your first day.

In the comments section, tell me your thoughts. Did it properly tell the story of the first day at Senn High School? What’s missing?

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  1. The video seems to have covered everything from teachers having to change class rooms to the school having vending machines as well as being ranked number 12 in CPS high schools nothing seems to be missing in my opinion

  2. The video was great, I like that it included both student and teacher interviews. I do feel that freshman should have been interviewed and asked about their first day, it would be interesting to hear.

  3. It’s really a great improvement since last year. We can all see that our principal is working hard to make this a better for us and for students who will come here in the future.

  4. it kind of did represent but in my opinion i think the one thing that could change is them giving our scheduale before hand so that its not so crowded but they could do like a diffrent thing i noticed a lot of teachers changed there names and i think they do a good job i think some or more teachers

  5. This video was very good i think maybe a freshman should’ve been interviewed, i mean at least 1 story from each grade, a student from each grade.
    another issue the interviewee should’ve asked a teacher how do they feel about changing their classroom a room that they were in all year around how was the change was it hard or just something they would not speak about.

  6. Nice video overall and I have give props to Ms. Beck for staying up so early and the rest of the teachers too they really put effort to make the school environment friendly.

  7. i feel like there was not much voice from the students and how they feel about the first day of school and how the rest of the year will be. over all the show was ok. i enjoyed watching it.

  8. Overall the video was good, but I think Senn TV was missing something and that is the amount of student increase in Senn from two years, last year and this year. Also I think Senn TV needs to have some sports topics to discuss on their Senn TV more often like football season just started why not tell other sports fans who they feel would win in certain types of games like talking about the Chicago Bears football team if their gonna make the playoffs or not and talking about Senn football and how well their doing.

  9. I thought that the video was nice and it got the goals of some students, and also showed some new teachers. However, why weren’t there any Freshmen in the video? It was mostly just Seniors and their goals. But why not Freshman? They’re new to this and I feel as if they should be in the video showing their opinions and how they feel about being in High School.

  10. well to me it definds the real meaning of the first day of school and how school is suppose to be for new incoming people or people who were already here at senn high school.

  11. I think this video really illustrated students first day of school thoughts, I defiantly agree that the whole schedule thing in the morning was a little hectic at first but in the end I was able to get to my first period class before the bell rang. I think that the video was missing the opinions of the new incoming freshman, I mean they are the ones who are new here and having insight on how they are feeling in a new surrounding could maybe help out other freshman or new students even, so they know they’re not the only ones.

  12. The Video did tell the story of the first day of school at Senn but what I think that’s missing is Freshman thoughts of the first day of Senn since they are really transitioning schools and more opinions on the first day from various grade level. Overall it did properly tell the story on the first day of school a little more opinions would’ve helped.

  13. It really describe the first day and the new improvement around the also told how everything was okay and many of our teacher were really need to see about the schedule change and how the teacher feel about that.

  14. The video was fine but there was a big synchronization problem with the audio and video. It shows all new teachers as well as teachers that have been here. They did not ask any freshmen about how they feel or what they wanna do while they are here at Senn. It showed many bright and happy students who are ready to learn again as well as many teachers who woke up and came early in the morning to get everything ready. Many opinions were shared by teachers including our principal Mrs.Beck on how they feel for the new year.

  15. I personally liked the video! I feel like it does show how the first day of school is, very crazy but at the same time the teacher trying to make it better and easier for the students. I think that as well as interview a few seniors, there should have been some freshman’s interviewed to get their point of view of how their first day in high school is going.

  16. Okay. I actually really liked because it is a way to get parents, students even families to see how Senn has turned out. I am highly aware that Senn was not always a good school but as of right now it has gotten a lot better. The teachers are here to help you achieve your goals you just have to be willing to do the work. This is a teamwork effort. I will say the video had a problem with the words not following what was happening. But that was a great video.

  17. Well I think the video on the first day of school was great, they told us how they moved the classes, how the teachers are trying to get the student be ready for the school year. The one thing I think was missing there was they should’ve interview the freshman’s and asking them about their experience at Senn on the first day of school and the seniors because it is there last year at Senn.

  18. I think it showed the first day of school very well it showed the diversity of the school and the positive thoughts students and teachers had for the school year also it showed how well the school functioned

  19. I like how this video showed the student and teacher’s feeling on the new school year. I thought this video was too positive, I know that a lot of people were scared and nervous.

  20. The video honestly did cover everything that happened since the end of last year. They talked about the class changes, and the schedule changes. Also the addition of new teachers. There is nothing really missing from the video, it talks about all the changes to senn. In my opinion the video was really good and informative. The vending machines will produce alot of profit and also the graduation and attendance rate was amazing.

  21. I would really like to be in Senn Tv. Looks very fun. I wanna take interviews of people. What an awesome video. They worked hard. It’s really nice to see students talking about how they want to succeed high school and how they want to graduate with good grades.

  22. It was told properly about the first day of school at Nicholas Senn High School. The Journalism student ask about goals of the students and teachers and tell what’s difference in the school this year of 2017. It also expressed students and teachers reaction to the first day of school. The video was great!

    1. I think the video was good, but i think it would have been better if they interviewed freshmans and ask them how they felt about being in high school and they also could have gotten different thoughts from different students if they were excited or disappointed about their schedules.

  23. I like how Senn T.V covered almost everything that goes on during the first day of school. I remember last year when Senn T.V took off I used to watch every episode. Very proud of Senn T.V.

  24. This video are amazing because the school are showing that they can be more confident about the safety of student to make a good progress. This video are very helpful for the parents and they must be exciting about the Senn TV. I guess they want more episode of the Senn TV.

  25. well, this video did not currently telling the first day of school because I would see that a lot of student would get lost in the hallways specially freshman’s that are new to this school and other people that are sophomores and up would help them find their classes and where yo go. My first day of school wasn’t really like that because in the classroom were loud of all the students coming back and seeing their friends again, they would practically wouldn’t stop talking so it was a kind of a struggle. But other than that it was quit okay of the video.

  26. I think the video is great and it points out a lot of things. I feel like the students who made this video and interviewed all these Senn students/staff must’ve worked really hard. Overall I really liked what they put together.

  27. This video overall is a good video. It shows what happens at the first day of school in Senn. It also shows what Senn is about.

  28. This video represents the first day of school very well. It shows all of the freshmen first day of school because my sister is a freshman experiencing new things.

  29. I think your video was very great because it showed how people like coming to senn so it gives other people an idea that senn is a good school and have great ideas and opportunities looking forward to coming to this school.

  30. I really enjoyed watching this video, I think this was a really good video but I agree with some of the comments, that the interviewers should have interviewed more freshmen, other than that the video was perfect.

  31. I think that the video on the first day of school for Senn covered everything that happened. I don’t think something was left out. Good video.

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