Tayloni and her mother’s story

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  1. Look at the picture below. Imagine this young lady is sitting near you on the bus. What is your first impression of her? What would you imagine her story to be? Write it down on a separate piece of loose leaf paper. Please add details even though they are only guesses.

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Do not go ahead. Wait for class discussion. 

2. Watch the following video. While you are watching, write down on your loose leaf paper 4 things that surprised you about Tayloni and her mother’s story.

3. Why was this story important to tell? Do you have any connections to stories like this? What kinds of stories in Chicago need to be told that aren’t? Please answer this question with a comment below (click on the COMMENT button). Be sure to add your full name to the comment in order to receive credit. 

4. Respond to at least two other people’s comments with thoughtful and respectful replies.

Turn in your paper at the end of class. You’ll be graded on your paper and your comments. Thank you!

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  1. During the summer of 16… There was a shooting. Two teens where shot and 10 others critically wounded. 1 out of 10 people happened to be my big cousin (was on the news but found out through family). He was shot five times but the doctors found 3 bullets… Not comfortable telling the whole story but that is my story that is not the same but similar to Tayloni and her mother.

    1. this story was important to tell beacuse it shows us that people especially children that got killed the one story that i remember watching on the news the 6 year old girl that got shot in chicago she wasnt ment to be shot another stray bullet or the 1 year old that also got shot hes only one or a baby its just rediculous the things that happen in chicago i wish the one thing that could change is gun violence

    1. I agree that gun violence should be halted by taking action not only in Chicago, but all around the world. Although I do feel that gun violence will never end since people will find a way around this.

      1. yes i agree with you because if they do something about gun violence they won’t stop they will keep doing it like what you said “people will find a way around this”.

    2. i agree with you but i believe that they should stop the violence in chicago as a city beacuse chicago as a city especially on the south and west sides the people on those sides of chicago always get killed i also believe that the police and people with special priveleges get to have weapons.

      1. Violence is not only in Chicago though its everywhere and people think that “oh if we stay inside or keep our kids in the house” that everything will change and be okay if they ignore whats happening its wrong to ignore this, for moms to have to go to their kids funeral when they didn’t even get to live a full life, their taken away peoples lives a WHOLE life how does someone like that sleep at night???

    3. i agree with you police should take actions on violence and killing and also they should not allowed guns in the world.

    4. Why all guns around the world, how would people defend themselves from muggings or robbery’s? I understand and agree we have to stop the violence in Chicago by enforcing the law more in these high crime neighborhoods but by banning all guns around the world if going a little far.

    5. I do agree with you in stopping violence but not just only in Chicago. I’m going to have to disagree with you when you said ” banned guns all over the world” because it really depends in what hands the gun is in.

    6. i agree that they should stop the violence but also i disagree because if you “banned guns all over the world”they will find a way to use a gun.

  2. A while back i actually don’t remember when but there was a story on the news where a women was at the park and her baby was shot from a shooting at a family bbq

    1. Yeah, a lot of innocent people are getting shot for no reason. It’s just not fair. These people don’t deserve any of this. I don’t care if these people are disrespectful it doesn’t give you the right to shoot them because if that was the case half of the population…or more would be gone. I say this because everyone is disrespectful in their own way.

      1. This is true, but most of the time they get killed for many reasons. killing one individual can save many. But I also agree with your statement.

  3. This video was important because it refers to not only the girl that got shot but every child like her who gets shot end up with a negative impact in their life.

  4. This story is important to tell because one’s mistake can cause someone damage. Everyone in the world needs to hear stories like this so thy can be more aware of their surrounding and be more careful of their children.

    1. I think people should do something about it, if they live in a neighborhood where there are bad things happening then they should take action you know have neighborhood watch make sure their kids are in at a certain time to keep everyone safe honestly think no one should have guns no one should have more power over another because things like this happen when you dislike someone so much that you would want to harm them.

      1. i understand but their is also fear that fellow them some are also gang related incident and people don’t want to snitch for fear of getting hurt or worse.

      2. I totally agree with the fact that they should take action but how will they take action if they’re scared and afraid they’re going to get killed themselves.

  5. I think this story was important to tell because people in the world need to know how bad the issue of shootings and gang are in the world! how it impacts families a lot as well ad the person that was shot!

    1. I completely agree with you. We need to bring awareness to this issue. I am tired of seeing and hearing about these people getting shot and they are innocent. It makes me mad….

  6. I think these kind of stories like people getting shot, kidnapped, and many more stories because then people need to be aware of those kind of people and can protect them self.

  7. I feel like this story is important to tell because it’s so shocking that these things happen to people that are so innocent. The fact that she was only eleven years old when this happened is unbelievable.

      1. i agree i mean her mom and her their lives were basically over she was strong though for an 11 year old she still has a lot of faith for someone who’s scared.

    1. Yeah. So many innocent people are getting shot…and for what? It’s crazy a lot of people kill just to kill or to get in a group or to be popular or “the man”. It’s like fun for them. This is not okay.

    2. I feel like your right, this was a absurdly shocking story. These types of videos, articles, and general stories always surround the air and sometimes even get made fun of, but when you get caught up in it volunteered, it’s never funny. Maybe, the people making fun of it are afraid or even see this as ridiculous as us, just have a different way of expressing it.

  8. This story was important to tell because the girl have hope and she want to walk and feel the outside look. I have a connection like Laquan MacDonald got 17 shot with the with police officer in Chicago but sadly Laquan died. They want the justice,

    1. I agree with this comment because he ties back and connects it to Laquan McDonald which i thought was a very great idea they all just want freedom and justice.

  9. This story is highly important because for years now we as whole society have been trying to battle gun laws because a reoccurring theme in this century is that teens and people day in and day out are getting shot some face death and others face long term issues like Tayloni who was paralysed by a stray bullet in which case leads to us wanting change towards guns laws but the opposition to many of these proposals are people arguing that these are one of our rights in which case should not be tampered with for they have been around for centuries which makes these kinds of situations make hard to handle or control.

    1. I agree with you Adolfo but i disagree with the change towards gun laws because how are people supposed to protect themselves in cities like Chicago, the fact that some people have guns make them feel more safe, changing gun laws won’t stop the violence its learning how to use them that matters .

    2. I agree with how the story is important and all. However, I disagree with with pushing forward for more strict gun laws or to ban them. Either will cause the value of firearms to increase, and in general, I feel as if there will be more crimes involving firearms too if they are banned or have more strict laws on them.

  10. This story was important to tell because it just shows even if someone survives a terrible thing like this their life is already changed so much that, just like the girl in the story, they can’t live properly in today’s world.

    1. I agree with you Umar because they do really have difficult life that they want to do more thing enjoyable and didn’t even finish their life properly.

    2. I agree with you Umar because I feel like after something this tragic happens, the life of not just Tayloni but her whole family ends up suffering for their loved one. I’m shocked that Tayloni still has faith in being able to walk.

  11. This story was a important story because you can see how much violence there is in here. I can connect this with my causin who got shot with his friend. He couldn’t walk either he got a huge surgery but he is alive still. Unfortunely, his friend died

    1. I agree with what you said because it does describe what gun violence can do to one preteen girl and how it effects who she hangs out with and her limits of walking and how she is paralized from the waist down.

  12. This story was important to tell because it just shows even if someone survives a terrible thing like this their life is already changed so much that, just like the girl in the story, they can’t live properly in today’s world.

    1. I disagree with Umar, I think Tayloni can fit in. I think she is ashamed with herself for getting shot, even though it wasn’t her fault. In the video her mother mentions how her Tayloni told her she should have ducked down and it was her fault she got shot. She might blame herself and feels really bad about it.

  13. I do have a connection with this whole situation. My uncle was shot on his way to a gas station to pick up my aunt some cigarettes. He is in critical condition. He was shot in the lower abdomen. It was so bad. His intestines were on the floor and he lost a lot of blood. I see him and it makes me want to cry. It is not fair how all these people are getting shot. Something needs to be done about all of this.

    1. Im so sorry this ever happened to you and your family! Maybe you can raise awareness about this issue with your uncle and other family members to let people know whats going on! Hope everything is going well with him!!

  14. Well this story was important to me because when I went to my neighborhood park around 9 p.m I remember going there with friends and right when we got their someone started to shoot. My friends and I heard gunshots and didn’t go to the park. Later on the police came and arrested one or more of them i believe. The way this story is important to me is that if i was their a little earlier I could have been hurt or maybe one of my friends could have gotten hurt.

  15. This story was important to tell because it reaches out to many communities around the area and city. Tayloni story really spoke out to everyone. In the video there was a community gathering which brought many people together and speak upon the situation. Tayloni speaking out makes many people aware to stay safe and away from gang violence. Many stories around Chicago to be spoken upon to keep the community safer.

    1. I totally agree with you Asim because this story will help the people in the community safer. Community members in Chicago have to be in a group so that they can be safe when they are together.

  16. This story needs to be told because this shows how people live their lives in fear after that kind of incident, their life isn’t the same anymore because they feel like they are not safe and there is no way they are going to get past it if the neighborhood isn’t helping

    1. I can agree with this because even if people do survive such a terrible thing. They just live the rest of their lives in fear.

    2. I agree with you because the world need to be a safer place and with violence it wont happen and people need to be aware of whats going on this society.

  17. This story was important to tell because the public needs to be aware not to let their kids outside or be with their kids outside at 9pm or later because something like this could happen to you. Although people have been killed outside in the streets numerous times because of stray bullets, people still go outside late and hope not no get shot. If more people payed attention to the news or warnings, not a lot of innocent people would die of a stray bullet. I know that I don’t to die of a stray bullet or any kind of bullet in particular so I stay inside instead of being outside late at night. I know it wasn’t the girl’s fault for getting shot, I am just saying that if more people stayed inside when it’s late at night they there wouldn’t be many stray bullet deaths per year. That’s why there are curfews, to protect us from getting hurt or even killed.

    1. Elian after reading your comment it seems you encourage curfews and you made it seem like it was her fault which I disagree I mean its bad enough that shes paralyzed she was at the wrong place at the wrong time and she cant control what happens around her but overall nice explaining.

    2. I agree with how the story is important and all, however, I disagree with taking action for gun control. Now, I don’t necessarily support the 2nd amendment and I’m not against it. I just think that pushing forward more strict gun laws or banning them now wouldn’t work to well. Because either way people are gonna get their hands on firearms and their value might possibly increase and in general I feel as if there will be more crimes involving firearms.

    3. Elian, I kinda agree because most shootings happen during the night but what about those that happen during the day. Do those matter or should we not let the children out during the day either.

    4. The shooting can happen any time, at any second. I believe that telling the children’s to not go outside would be a good idea but instead of doing that we should teach the everyone how to protect themselves form these kind of violence.

  18. Stories like this are important to tell to others to spread awareness of the violence in not only Chicago, but all around the world, more people must know of these tragic stories in order to take action against these crimes.

    1. I agree with you because if we don’t spread awareness then there will more children like Tayloni who will then be the target of the violence.

  19. I thought that this story was important to show because it can be a reminder that you should be appreciative for everyday and appreciative for what you have and the people you have around you willing to help you. This also shows how shooting people can ruin other peoples lives.

  20. I think telling people this horrific story while indeed raise awareness and make the public see the trouble and struggle these these families are going through.

    1. I also feel that gun violence should be lowered but unfortunately people always find a way around everything. Hopefully in the future crimes rates will lower so that less innocent people get hit with a tragedy.

    2. Mostafa I 100% agree with you this story getting some sort of media attention really raises awareness and can really help the community change the safety for the better.

    3. i agree with you in one way but they tried to organize peace and violence but that didnt really work its the gangs of chicago that cause all this mess and all these killing every time i see they news and read a one year old got shot or a six year old was killed i get that iif their parents were related in a gang but that dosnt mean the child deserves to get shot its so sad with all this violence

    4. I agree with you Mostafa. But over the years people have been told of many horrific and sentimental stories, but these events keep happening. People just don’t get the struggle and pain that others do. We need a more better and powerful message that will knock the sense into some people’s minds to think before they do something that could mess up someone’s life and perspective on life. People need to learn, not hurt.

  21. This story is important because it tell the story of other people who also get shoot by a stray bullet and how it effect the people for their life.it gives a view of the family member and tells us the violence that is around them and the hardship one goes through for being shoot by a stray bullet.

  22. This story was very important to tell because even though her life was changed dramatically due to one stray bullet she still manages to stay positive and let nothing stop her on her road to recovery.
    I have no sort of connections to story’s such as Tylonis and due to that I cannot understand the hardship they go through on a day to day basis and because of that I feel very sorry and give my deepest regards to Tyloni and her family.
    Story’s such as Tylonis need to be spoken about more and people need to be aware that our children, our youth are in danger in these cities, children are in danger by being in these neighborhood’s where gun violence is all around them.

    1. i agree, I wonder myself how we as a community can help make our neighborhoods safer. Would it be expensive? Would we need volunteers? Would it become a job?

  23. During summer one night me and my brother were talking about some random things when suddenly a gun went off right outside my room window. The kid who got shot died right at that spot. He was shot 5 or 6 times. The scene was really bad. This continuous shootings and murders are making people ask if they are safe t their homes or not. And the mass murders are not helping them either, which makes them feel unsafe in their neighborhood.

  24. I agree with you because if we won’t spread awareness then there will more people like Tayloni and will become the target of the violence that’s going on.

  25. The story was important to tell because it had a lot of controversy around a young girl who was frustrated with her life and had wanted to actually die because she was tired of not being able to go outside enjoy life like how she used to do before when she was really healthy and her mom had also gotten angry with the way she was acting like she had constantly helped her which is something that every mom does, so to me it was important to tell because it had a lot of controversy around the shootings and all the drama that was going on with the 11 year old girl who is now currently 14. I really don’t have any relation or similarities with this conflicting documentary though. Stories that I would love to watch more of is sports, I really want to watch some stories about sports documentaries I would be very into doing and watching documentaries that involves sports.

    1. I see your point and what you said is good too but I do disagree with the part when you said “who was frustrated with her life and had wanted to actually die.” That is not really true. She did not wanted to die. She stayed strong, she spent time with her family and she also was trying to be happy. She was frustrated with her life but she didn’t wanted to end her life. Remember the part when she said she wants to be a lawyer or a doctor.

      (No hate lol)

  26. This story is important to tell because stories like these are very common, but most don’t get to be shared with the public. It’s important for people to be informed on issues like these so people can do things to change and stop it. Stories about gun and gang violence in Chicago need to be told and investigated instead of just covered as a statistic.

  27. what a tragic story but no matter what happens she has to move on with her life . and most definitely not stop doing what she loves to do, and what ever she wants to be she can accomplish it no matter what. and her mother should show her she actually cares about her, cause if she would have lost her, she wouldn’t even forgive herself .

  28. This story is important to tell because the shooting needs to stop especially those young people who think they are cool with a gun and end up shooting someone. It’s not only going to ruin the life if the person who got shot but also the one who shot. I kind of do have a connection with these kind of violence because back home in Bangladesh those collage gang bang students would go and harm others. Mostly it’s because they was a fight and a hole group would kill many kids and the government won’t do anything about it. They just ignored. Most of the time it’s because of the election. I found it very stupid. I was also very young so I really can’t see any violence.
    Stories about people who are suffering need to be told. People need to hear about what is that person going through. Most people don’t care at all but it matters. Everyone life matters. Their stories matter. If they’re stories are told then people can help them out. Like a mother killing her own child. Or a father beating his family to death.

    1. its not only in Bangladesh, this shooting problem is world wide these little boy think they are gonna be cooler or that other kids will accept them if them hang with bad people, especially in the city we live in chicago was rated the most dangerous place because all these innocent or non innocent people are getting killed all because they arent real men who put guns down and hands up!

    2. I agree with you because the violence has gotten worsen and worsen around youth and children. The violence should be stop at once for tat so that kids, youth and even adult won’t get hurt and have a painful life because of the violence.

  29. In my opinion the reason why this story was important to tell because this story had it all. The information, different perspectives, and it was documented not promoted. The facts and events that lead up to the cause were very informative. I respected the journalists idea of not just interviewing the victim (Tayloni) but also her mother about her experience and consequence of this tragic incident. Last and definitely not the least, the story was presented well through interviews, post footage, and the format.

  30. This story was important because it spoke about how just one person’s decision, the 17 year old boy, could lead to so many bad outcomes. A bad outcome were Little 11 year old Tayloni losing her ability to walk, she basically died deep down inside because she was so outgoing and she ran alot, but that all changed. Another bad result was that Her mother had to treat Tayloni like she was just a little baby, she could get no time to herself. Another possible bad outcome could be how much money has gone towards Tayloni’s treatment and help. This story is important because one bad choice could lead to worse outcomes. This is a very powerful story, it makes people emotional knowing that a bright, young child like her has lost all her spirit, she pays no attention to people cheering about her survival, but they don’t know the pain and struggle she goes through everyday just to complete simple tasks.

    1. Exactly ! you shouldn’t be shooting out here , if they wanted to fight , fight like real men , with they hands , guns are for punks (:

    2. i agree with you cristan its not easy to take care of a child but a child who cant walk or do things them selves parents do extra work.

  31. I think this story is important to tell because it raises awareness on stray bullet victims. It also shows that violence effects everyone, including young children. Though I’ve never personally experienced getting shot at or having someone close to me get shot. I believe Chicago needs to share its story on shooting as well as stray bullet victims. Chicago should tell people that shooting is awful and ruins people’s lives. We should be acknowledging that innocent people are getting hurt and take action.

  32. I believe the story “stray bullet” is very important that the whole of Chicago should know.Because everyday more and more people notice that violence in the city is growing.Every time i turn on the news people are murdered or killed in the city.And a girl named Tayloni she was very little and shot but she still survived.She is paralyzed and Everyone should know that no one is safe in Chicago if this is not stopped. Because look at tayloni she was a kid and they still shot her ruining a child’s life and almost taking it away but now the story she has is going to affect others . now people will know the importance of the story and i hope they will put a end to this violence and try to make the city a better place then it should be.

    1. Wow Zain. I really agree with you. People on the news are always getting shot or murdered. Every day there has to be some sort of sad story up on the news. It’s really sad how a girl as young and outgoing as Tayloni has lost all her charisma and excitement over going outside. She isn’t able to go outside and she isn’t even able to do anything on your own. People on the world should rely on each other, but no one should have to rely on someone as much as Tayloni does to her mother. It’s sad, the shooter and possibly any other shooter that has shot someone won’t even stop to think about how much they are corrupting that person’s mind and life. Society needs to change or else we are gonna end up killing each other.

    2. I agree with your idea that nobody is safe and that this could happen to anyone, and anyone actually means anyone it doesn’t matter if you are 38 years old or 12 years old.

    3. I agree with you that Chicago violence is out of control, but it’s not only this city, I understand that the news focuses on Chicago violence a lot, but there are a lot of other cities that have gun violence has well. I think people all around the world should focus on Tayloni’s story, it can happen to anyone, doesn’t matter where you live. It’s so sad that Tayloni was so young and she had to go through this.

  33. This story was important to tell because This had actually happen to my cousin in Jamaica he go shot in both of his legs because of an accident,he was caught in a cross fire he had to be rushed to the hospital the doctors said that he couldn’t walk anymore but he always has a positive attitude about this incident because people in the world have much hurtful and shocking injures then him.With all this violence and today innocent black people go outside and get shot for no reason so my mom think that’s its not good for me to go outside its not like i’m not going to know wrong from right but shes over protective but i still can go out because i’m with friends.

  34. This story is important to tell because its and example of all the other innocent children thats been shot in killed by a stray bullet that wasnt for them. There are way more young victims of stray bullet shootings.

    1. I agree this is a story relates to a lot of things that happen nowadays with young people getting killed before they even experience how life is

    2. I agree, Tayloni is only one out of thousands of victims who have gotten shot and are seriously injured because of it. But i’m so glad Tayloni got her story out there, I believe her story speaks for a lot of other victims out there who struggle to get there stories out.

  35. Stray Bullet was a great story about someones personal experience of struggle. Despite how informative and persuasive on the issue it was, stray bullets or shootings in general are a common thing everywhere i feel like. Basing it on that, i feel like all issues are able to apply to any geography. Poverty, Shootings, and Hate are all things people can relate to even if your experience is just understanding someone else’s situation.

  36. You can the hurt and the pain in her eyes i think her mom doesn’t help anything i think she makes it harder for her and makes Tayloni feel like its her fault she got shot and its not i dont think she is as supportive as she should be . Her mother shouldnt feel like her life is over because as a mother she suppose to help her child and be supportive i think that’s another weight on Tayloni shoulder

  37. The story was important because it told the story of a young girl who survived a gun shot but alternate becoming paralyzed from the waist down still believing that she would some day be able to walk again just keep her self a steam up high so she doesn’t feel depressed although at most time she does feel pretty sad not being able to do things on her own and have fun with other kids.

  38. I believe this story is important to tell because its important to know how her life has been changed because of the shot. People also should know how hard her life was to move around and how hard it was for her mom to see that happen to her daughter and also to see how much harder her life became being a parent. I don’t have any connections to this but i do hear on the news about how many people are getting shot today. I’m not sure what stories should be told probably the ones that have effect on people or maybe ones that helped the community.

  39. This story was important to tell because she still manage to keep going even though her life changes forever due to a stray bullet. She may have hard time and even hate herself but she was still able to continue her life. I don’t have any connections to this story and may not know how it feel to go through a stray bullet and have a change of life. But the pain that she has does show to us, the reader and as a journalist. I feel very sorry toward Tayloni and her family. I deeply feel bad. Story such as Tayloni’s should be tell more and have a notice that we, as a youth and children are in danger due to shooting and the violence around our neighborhood.

    1. I fully agree on the idea that her life change a lot from walking and running around the city to just stay home laying down in bed and having her mom doing everything for her.

  40. I think this story is important because we, as human being living in this country, need to reflect all the problems that are out there, probably not to us or not around our neighborhood, but in our country. Also because her voice should be heard by the governors, for them to take more initiatives in gun control because just like her there are more children facing the same struggle.
    Thankfully, I do not have any correlation with a story like this, but I know there are thousand of cases just like this.
    I think there are many stories in Chicago that should be told, like for example all those shooting happening almost every weekend, or those kills almost everyday

    1. I agree this is a story relates to a lot of things that happen nowadays with young people getting killed before they even experience how life is

  41. This story was good to share; because people need to know that shooters can ruin peoples lives just by their bad aim. I’ve lost family members and friends to gun violence….. This just needs to stop!! Its crazy how many kids and innocent civilians get shot everyday in chicago. Kids can’t even live normal lives and play outside without the possibility that there’s gonna be some idiot out there with no aim shooting at his rivals. Mothers shouldn’t have to bury their 5 year old daughters or 10 year old son because they got caught in the crossfire. The violence in chicago is getting worse and worse everyday. Something needs to be done about this.

  42. This story was interesting because you got the whole story of what happened and who was affected by what happened not just what happened. There are other stories like this one but they never get the who was affected part of it and not just what happened. Stories like this one interests me because it shows how one mistake can lead to a lot of other consequences.

  43. This story is important to tell because Tayloni’s story is only ONE of many stories that happen all over, I think some people fail to realize that this kind of stuff doesn’t just happen in what people call a “bad neighborhood” it could happen at any time, at any place, to anyone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Earlier this year, just 5 blocks away from my house a teenage girl was shot at a 7/11 as she was crossing the parking lot to go inside, it happened so quick with no time to react, things like this happen everywhere and that’s what people need to realize.

  44. Tayloni’s story is important and many people can connect to her. They might either know how she feels or how her mom feels, you never really think it will happen to you.

  45. This story is important to tell because Tayloni is not the only victim who has gotten shot, there are so many victims out there who got shot and are injured, or who lost their lives because they got shot Tayloni is lucky she got her story out there, not a lot of victims can get the chance to share their stories, or some are just too afraid to speak. She also speaks for other victims who have been in a similar situation like Tayloni. For the people who are afraid to tell their stories but want to tell, this can be inspiring for those other victims to speak up who have the opportunity too. This story causes awareness for everybody. I hope others who see this powerful video can be a wake up call for them that this is our tragic world now, but we could still change it by putting the guns down and having a law passed on. Of course people will still own guns and there still will be violence, but I’m sure if there is a strong law passed, some of the violence will stop.

  46. This story was important to tell in my opinion because it basically shows and tell us how Tyloni’s life was afflicted by a gun shot that made her life less independent. Which lead her to letting her disabilities affect her capabilities.No, I don’t have a story to connect to Tyloni’s. There are many stories that are hidden in Chicago because of society, the media, etc

  47. I am the only one that can see how everyone just talk about how Tayloni was paralyzed, by that 17 year old teen that mess up her life. You guys don’t see how her mother have the deal, by this event and she have to raise her like a child all over again. (To Everyone)

  48. This is a very important story, this can help people to be more alarmed of what is going on the streets and to be careful because now days it’s not really safe to be outside at night . People should think twice before doing some wrong decisions, that 17 year old boy made a bad choice and now he’s going to pay the consequences . He was young and had a long time ahead of him but now he’s going to spend a long time in jail . Not only did he ruin his life but he ruined a little girl’s life .

  49. This story to be told since this is something that happens a lot and not just in our city. Innocent families are always being impacted.

  50. This was about a little girl who lives in a bad neighborhood and one day she came and was playing around outside in front of her building and they started shooting and she got hit and she’s been paralyzed ever since.

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