Tayloni and her mother’s story

Tayloni and her mother’s story

Hi Class,

Welcome back. I really enjoyed meeting all of you yesterday and have a feeling this class is going to be pretty great. I hope you feel good returning for your second day. Please carefully follow the instructions written here. If you are confused in any way, please ask me for help.

  1. Look at the picture below. Imagine this young lady is sitting near you on the bus. What is your first impression of her? What would you imagine her story to be? Write it down on a separate piece of loose leaf paper. Please add details even though they are only guesses.

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Do not go ahead. Wait for class discussion. 

2. Watch the following video. While you are watching, write down on your loose leaf paper 4 things that surprised you about Tayloni and her mother’s story.

3. Why was this story important to tell? Do you have any connections to stories like this? What kinds of stories in Chicago need to be told that aren’t? Please answer this question with a comment below (click on the COMMENT button). Be sure to add your full name to the comment in order to receive credit. 

4. Respond to at least two other people’s comments with thoughtful and respectful replies.

Turn in your paper at the end of class. You’ll be graded on your paper and your comments. Thank you!