Finding reviews online

Finding reviews online

For today’s assignment, please read at least two reviews of a movie you’ve seen recently or remember well. Follow the steps below and turn your work in at the end of class.

  • Go to the MQRE website. Use the search feature to find a movie or browse. Please don’t take long selecting a movie. Pretty much everything you can think of will be on there.
  • Find two reviews of the movie you selected, one positive and one negative. Note that ratings often appear next to the title of the review, so it should be easy to spot positive and negative ones.
  • Read the reviews carefully.
  • Answer the following questions on separate paper.


  1. What are the titles of the review? Where did they appear? Who wrote them? When were they published?
  2. Explain the different ways the reviews began. Did they start with fact or opinion mostly? What other approaches did the critics have to get the reader interested?
  3. How much of the review explains what happens and how much of the review shares opinion on the movie. (Example: In the first review, the author spent about 40% of the time explaining the plot and the other 60% explaining that he didn’t like it one bit.)
  4. Which review is better written and why?
  5. What did the critic do in his/her review that you didn’t in yours? What did you learn from this exercise in terms of how you could improve your review writing skills?

Extra Credit, in the comments section, write a short, one paragraph review for your favorite movie. Try to write persuasively so people will be dying to see it!