In Class Assignment 5-19-16

In Class Assignment 5-19-16

Please complete the following work today. Get as far as you can and finish what you don’t at home.

  1. Please return to your informative article and give it one more proofreading run through with fresh eyes. Also, give it a headline and a byline. Try to come up with something clever or something that has an action verb in it. Also, PLEASE TRY TO FORMAT THIS SO IT FITS ON ONE PAGE. I’ll call people up to give them their grades today and tomorrow.

Example of headline and byline:

Senn’s 44th International Fest takes the stage

By: John Doe

2. Go to the “I Side With” website and take the quiz. Many terms and concepts may be present that are unfamiliar to you, but you’ll get a rough idea of who you should vote for.

3. On looseleaf paper, please answer the following four questions with thoughtful responses.

a. Which of the questions do you feel strongest about and why? Choose at least three.

b. I often feel frustrated when I hear students say that once they’re old enough, they won’t vote because it doesn’t matter or the choices are terrible. Do you feel this way? Could you explain where this feeling comes from? If you don’t feel this way, please explain how you feel when people present this argument.

c. Who did the quiz tell you to vote for? Do you think this is accurate or not? Explain.

d. What would make a perfect president of the United States that you could really get behind. Explain in depth with specifics.