Recreate my WeVideo Quiz

Please use these resources to copy my WeVideo. Your grade will be based on how similar your WeVideo is to mine. You must complete this in one class period. This is a quiz worth 15 points. 

My Video:

Necessary Information to help you:

Beginning: Background color–White/ / Font–Black, Antic Slab, 72, centered


Birds: Go to AUDIO, SOUND EFFECTS, NATURE, SUMMER AFTERNOON  (lasts for about 5 seconds)


Poetry Reading: (in e-mail) Begins at 5 seconds, must cut off “check checks”

Images: (in e-mail) Most were expanded from about 5 seconds to 7 seconds

Grade: You must record your own voice stating the grade you deserve on this. Place this near the end. I don’t care about audio quality, so don’t worry if it has background noise.

Other Audio Levels: Music goes from 80 to 40 to 80 with a fade out at the end. Birds are at 30. Poem is at 100.

Extra Credit: In the comments section, please explain what I could have done to make this video better.

You can ask me questions but only after you have tried your best. Please do not ask your neighbors. Yes, you will struggle, but you’ll learn a lot in the process! 

Good luck!

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  1. To make the video a little more interesting, Mr. Cullinane, you could have added some pictures of you, your wife, and your baby together. This would show that you and your wife’s love for each other created a new life and a new love on this planet. This would also signify that once love reached it’s full potential, magical things can occur, like, as stated before, a new life being brought into the world. Furthermore, to contrast the idea of “real love”, you could have also added some photos displaying Valentine’s Day and how it’s really a day for people to show the greatest gifts they by for their sweethearts instead of it being a day to really spend some quality time with their loved one.

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