Links to help you take better pictures

Links to help you take better pictures

Here are some great links to help you take great photos with a camera phone and beyond!

  1. National Geographic Photos and Tips: 13 great photos taken on camera phones and explanations of how it was done.
  2. iPhone Tips: These are great and easy to use tricks on the iPhone, but fear not–most of them carry over to other types of phones as well.
  3. Smartphone Photography Tips: Another great series that uses examples and explanations to SHOW you how to take great photos. Lots of things to avoid as well.
  4. Wiki-how: Camera phone tips: More basics, techniques, and easy-to-follow examples.
  5. DSLR camera simulator: For advanced photogs hoping to break in the higher end camera, this will help you master more advanced settings.
One in 8 Million: Where pictures tell stories

One in 8 Million: Where pictures tell stories

TO DO: Complete worksheet on One in 8 Million Project (Due Friday, Feb. 26)

E-mail Mr. Cullinane ( 3 pictures that work well together (Due Monday, Feb. 29 8AM). Send all three as attachments in a single e-mail. In the body of the e-mail, explain how they work together. Use terminology such as CHRONOLOGICAL, CONTRAST, COMPLIMENTARY. 

I’ve recently been turned on to the wonderful, creative work the NY Times online publication is producing. They’ve found ways to use digital features that vastly improve upon their print version. Along with great videos such as Verbatim (which reenacts the courtroom testimonies of Darren Wilson and Dorian Johnson following the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson), they feature amazing photo-narrative projects in their “One in 8 Million” series.

The series utilizes the popular trend of featuring everyday New Yorkers that are wonderfully intriguing, allowing the viewer to realize that the people we pass on the street all have powerful stories.

Students, please go to the One in 8 Million website and complete the worksheet provided to you. Use these photo collages for inspiration.

Also, please consider how the person doesn’t always HAVE to be in the photo. Though most/many of the photos in the various series have the person speaking in them, you could still have a wonderful photo series without the person being featured.

Enjoy! Watch more in your free time. Get inspired!