Bare Bear and the Baron


With a shout and a scream and a cry

It begins

But you were softer

Softer than they told me

Softer than she thought

All we found now lost


Our Bare Bear

Not yet brave and not yet bold

still constituting his final mold

Our light and our soul

Our Bare Bear

And she wondered,

if theres no pain, is it too easy

And he wondered

Should it be as hard as they tell me

But at peace with his life

was our Bare Bear

Somewhere  down

down the lane there is

a baron………………


And displaced

unrecognizable face

dont want to think to know to see

All that he takes

Flies south with the gusts of wind at his face

The baron,  he  finds in you

all he hopes to take

So when will the fight begin, I hope never

But it will, it shall, perhaps


And Bare Bear, you do all you can you give it your all…

when you fight the good fight, its not so bad if you fall

I am sorry bare bear…. all my hope

rests inside you………

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